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If Looks Could Kill, Part 2

I believe I wrote a blog by this title a year or so ago. Forgive my lack of creativity here in re-using it, but as you read the following encounter we had today, you will see that it just fit.Yesterday we went to the Y with a friend. It was kind of a bust. First, the cool indoor climbing playground was closed due to a leak, banishing all children to the “baby room”(as the older kids called it). Next, the super cool climbing tree was closed for some reason. And finally, trying to shake it off and have a good time anyway, we suited up and headed for the fun pool area. My oldest jumped in just as the lifeguard blew her whistle, announcing that the pool was closing so a daycare group could come swim. My girls lamented the agony they were forced to endure the rest of the day. I felt a little like the parents in the movie, “One Fine Day”. Remember the scene where they are forced to put their children in a public daycare and the kids call them 3 minutes later to find out what heroin…

These are Times That Try Men's Souls

If you watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies, you’ll recognize the title of this blog. I took it from the scene in which Gandolf is speaking to Merry, a hobbit nearly overcome with anxiety and sorrow due to the seeming imminent defeat of good in the world. Nothing will ever be the same. Darkness has descended upon every living creature. In that moment it looks as though all hope is lost. I can relate to this little hobbit and his feelings of despair.I live with a three-year-old.We have recently entered that unpleasant season of transition. If she is allowed to take a nap (or I should say forced, actually), her father and I must pay the price around 10:30pm when she is still wide awake and bouncing up and down while we beg her to be quiet and go to sleep, our bloodshot eyes barely staying open. If, on the other hand, we allow her to skip her usual afternoon nap, we must face the dreadful consequences:A three-year-old who has not had a nap all day. Every day this week so far…

Harry Potter in My Home

A few months ago, I made a big decision.Some would call it life changing.As a result, I have been met with ridicule by some, embraces by others.Scorned by those who don’t agree, celebrated by those who have been waiting a long time for me to join their ranks.I have begun reading the Harry Potter series.I am currently on book 4, and I must admit it is not my favorite so far.However, now that I have entered the world of wizards and magical creatures and owls, I have begun to notice certain things around me.For instance, today I found the 6-yr-old doing this:
At first glance this does not appear to be anything unusual.Perhaps she was simply watching in anticipation the bread we were baking or enjoying the aroma of homemade lasagna cooking in the oven.There was NOTHING in the oven.She was merely sitting on the ground in silence, a smile on her face and an intense gaze at the reflection she saw staring back at her in the oven door.Sound familiar, any Harry Potter fans?This planted a few con…

Nurses have it Easy

Okay, I know we all feel sympathy for nurses when they have to change bedpans. Gross. Disgusting.
I would say that tonight, I would be willing to trade places with a nurse when it comes to dealing with that side of things. The mess is confined to a single area, they have all the proper equipment for quick and efficient sterilizing, and they're getting PAID! I write this tonight as a form of therapy for myself.If I do not try to see the humor in the situation, I might find myself in a strait jacket staring at a white wall somewhere, mumbling about puppies and diapers and water hoses.Here’s the basic turn of events this evening:We all know when a child is not utilizing the bathroom and instead making use of their pants.They just get this look and kind of freeze in their tracks like a deer caught in the headlights. I’m not a big fan of those moments, but we had one tonight.I will spare you the details, but my dear baby girl was marched outside, stripped down, and hosed off.After…