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The Mother's Day Thing

So today is a special day. 
It's a day designed to express appreciation, love, and gratitude for all the ways special women in our lives have sacrificed for us. 
Mother's Day.
Many of you will receive (or remember receiving) handmade cards, lopsided artwork, or a bouquet much like the one my 7-year-old presented me this afternoon:

And we will love it. After all, as I explained to my daughter yesterday afternoon, it's not about how expensive the gift is or what brand name is on it. It's about the fact that they thought about us. They put effort into expressing that they love us and are grateful for us. 
It's a great day. 
Except when it's not. 
Many of you know a heartache on Mother's Day that I can only imagine. And it's you whom I think of today. 
Oh, there are various reasons mothers feel the sting more acutely on this day designed to elevate us. Maybe it's because you are losing hope that you will ever be a mother. Maybe your children have long since gro…