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Patriotic Pandemonium

I want you to remember this face.  Doesn't she look happy?

I should've seen it coming.
After all, I've been a mother for nearly a decade and am fairly familiar with the behavioral patterns of and triggers for each of my children.
But it just sounded like so much good, old-fashioned, American fun that I couldn't possibly pass it up.  
You see, we spent a lovely 4th of July with my sister and her family out of town.
There are few things more fantastic in the eyes of my children than hanging out with their super cool cousins.
The guys had a 7:10AM tee time for a round of golf the morning of the 4th (and incidentally, I was corrected today that they did not play a "game" of gold, but rather a "round" of golf.  This is very important.)
Anyway, this left my sister and me in charge of the kiddos and in need of something fun to do with them.
We were in luck!  

A 4th of July Parade?!  Fantastic!  SO cute and such a great photo op!  
American kids celebratin…