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The Trouble With Literacy

In a former life, I was a school teacher.
I fostered all kinds of educational growth in my students (I hope) and was just so thrilled when I saw the light of understanding in their eyes. It was so satisfying. So fulfilling. So wonderful to play even a small role in their personhood.
So lest I be accused of encouraging ignorance, please keep in mind my past profession and my calling to educate the young people of our world.
But dadgum it, literacy has really become a thorn in my side as a mother. 

Before any of my children could read, things were just so much EASIER. I could spell out things I didn't want their little ears to hear in my conversation and they didn't bat an eye. I could skip long paragraphs of stories at bedtime and as long as I made up something that sounded good in its place, all was well.  When I was hit with statements such as, "Mommy!? There's Chuck E. Cheese's! We HAVE to go there right now!" I could reply with something like, "Oh, b…

Waking Up

Sometimes I feel like I should've been an entertainer.
I should've pursued a career on the stage, and I imagine myself delighting throngs of adoring fans with my many talents. Singing, dancing, being a mime, an acrobat, etc.
But then again, so could virtually EVERY mother out there. 
My talent show is seen daily every morning at 6:50am when I begin waking my sleeping beauties for school.

And fortunately, I take criticism from my audience pretty well and do not let it discourage me from future shows.  It doesn't bother me a bit when they groan and throw the covers over their heads or when they give me the evil eye. 
I set my own alarm for 6:30, giving myself 20 minutes to mentally prepare. I have to get into character, you see. What I really WANT to do is stand at their bedroom doors and mumble, "Get up and get ready," and then walk away. And just like that, they would cooperate and all would be well.

Unfortunately, my children in reality are not quite as coopera…