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The Truth About Show and Tell

I want to address a topic that is causing me some distress lately. 
School has started and we are all getting adjusted to a new routine, figuring out teacher expectations, and trying to never forget important things such as signing our young students' homework journals each evening. 
I have been a little resentful that my children got adorable new outfits and shoes when I am the one who feels like I am carrying most of the responsibility since they are still in lower elementary school. I mean, seriously, who's REALLY in charge of making sure homework gets done and memory work gets memorized when your kid is in second grade?
That would be YOU, Mom.

This week, I had to remember to give my oldest daughter $5 for a recorder for music class. Oh, heaven help us all...WHY do we WANT children to learn how to play plastic flutes?! Seems a little cruel to the audience, especially when the concert will be in a large activity room with painted cinder block walls and a painted concrete fl…

Things They Don't Tell You

When you become a mother, there are certain skills you expect you will need. 
For example, if you are a mother it's probably helpful if you know how to do things like make sure bottles are an appropriate temperature for babies, how to comb hair without major battles, and how to make sure different foods on the same plate do not touch one another. 
I expected all this as I held each of my newborns in my arms. I understood the requirements and felt up to the challenge.
Or so I thought.
Ten years into my career as a mother, I still find myself woefully lacking in one very critical skill:

 Labor classes are all well and good, but what we REALLY need is a class dedicated to teaching mothers how to reason with miniature people, how to make deals with five year olds, how to play on the emotions of their children to negotiate acceptable outcomes.
I negotiate all the time around here, but the one area I find most challenging is when trying to talk an extremely hostile child i…