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***DISCLAIMER:  I love teaching VBS.  I really do.  And I haven't encountered any little darlings this year who fit the description of the fictional child described below.  Some may have come close, but that's not the point's delightful and I'm glad to get to be a part of it.  The best kind of humor is the kind that mixes some elements of truth with slight exaggeration, right?***

It's that time of year again.  
Summer is upon us, which means one thing:
The kids are back. 
With us.
Now, if you are a Southern mama, you are likely well acquainted with the single greatest summertime tradition since homemade ice cream and screened in porches.  
It's the one thing that can save mothers everywhere from a slow and painful summer.  
VBS...aka "Vacation Bible School", that fabulous four to five day program at churches all over the city where kids from all walks of life are not only welcome, but wanted! 
And it's FREE! 

Dadgum Bubble Gum

We strive to make our vacations memorable, wonderful times which our children will look back upon with fondness.   We don’t want them to forget all the fun we had and the time we spent together as a family.   Well, they ain’t gonna forget the start to this one.  That’s for darn sure.   Getting out the door to vacation is never quite as easy as it sounds.  Of course there’s the packing of clothes and personal items, but as you know, when you go to the beach with kids there’s nearly a Uhaul truck full of junk you must take with you.  I’ve put some thoughts down about this before: Anyway, here we are trying to get out the door.  And to be totally honest with you (lest you put me on some pedestal I most definitely do NOT deserve and you’ll agree after you finish reading this), people were irritated and it was my fault.  I wasn’t ready when I vowed to be ready.  Our schedule was off already.   Strike One for Mom.   But finally, we’re loaded and in the car, somewhat happily rolling down the highw…

The Mom Bathing Suit

I used to love them.  I really did.  Could hardly wait to visit one every summer, spending happy hours of childhood having the time of my life.
However, when I became a mother, for some reason I no longer had a loving place in my heart reserved for...
Not that I hate it.  They can still be fun, it's just that now that I'm older and have three people dependent on me for life and safety it's just not quite the same.  There are several reasons the water park lost my heart.
Reason one:  (well, this one has three parts, actually)
These three.

They ADORE water parks.  The splashing, the fun, the thrill of the slides.  I adore watching them having such a great time and hearing their giggles and shrieks of delight.
What I don't adore so much?  The constant worrying and watching them like a hawk to make sure they're not drowning or being toted off by a stranger or trying a new daredevil trick they really don't have the swimming skills for in the firs…