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My Favorite Things

The other day my daughters were introduced to "The Sound of Music". You know the one. Julie Andrews twirling around without a care in the world as she sings at the top of her voice about the hills being alive and how her heart wants to sing.

One of their favorite parts was the scene where all the children are in Maria's room thanks to a very loud thunderstorm outside. The younger kids especially are scared to pieces when the bright flashes of lightning strike and the thunder claps beyond the safety of that little bedroom.

To make the kids feel better and help them forget their anxious feelings about the storm outside, Maria teaches them that famous song called, "My Favorite Things". Before you know it, the kids are singing and dancing with smiles on their faces just at the thought of some of their favorite things such as snowflakes and kittens. It's true. Thinking about the best things in our lives brings joy, no matter how big or small that favorite thing…