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The Joy of Cooking and other Myths of Motherhood

Every once in a while I start feeling really sorry for my husband.
The man grew up with Paula Dean, Martha Stewart, and Emeril all combined in his wonderful mother.  
The woman can cook.  Seriously cook.
And then there's me.  
I remain convinced that cooking is a direct result of the Fall of man when sin entered the world.  
Anyway, today I decided that my poor husband was long overdue for a good meal.  I loaded up the kids and took them to Publix, where we carefully selected each item we would need for one of his favorite dishes.  
I got started right away when we got home.  I carefully chopped celery and onions so they could saute in the pan.  I added all the herbs and lemon zest and got to work carefully slicing the loaf of french bread to line the bottom of the skillet.
And then came the part where nothing but true love would motivate me...I had to work with a whole chicken.  
Eww!!!  Hate it!  Would MUCH rather change a dirty diaper than deal with raw, slimy chicken with gib…

The Real Source of the Pain in my Neck....

So I've had a teeny bit of trouble with stress lately.
We just got back from THIS place last week.

Let me tell you, the happiest place on earth is no relaxing day at the beach when keeping up with 3 kids in huge crowds and figuring out the best uses of your fast passes and making sure the kids see everything you know they'll love.  Great trip, NOT great for stress, though.

But then again, what mom DOESN'T have some stress to deal with?  Or what human being, for that matter?!  I should be able to handle this, right?
But alas, after several months of waking from sleep due to aching shoulders and neck muscles, I gave up thinking I could just buckle down and get through it.
And for the first time ever, I visited a chiropractor.  I figured if it helped AT ALL it would be worth it, right?  Just a little instruction on some exercises I could do or things to avoid, or ANYTHING at all that would provide some relief and relaxation.
I forgot to mention that I brought my you…