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Well Checks

I really couldn't skip it this year.  It would be irresponsible, I suppose.
Well checks.
You know the ones.  You take your kids in to see the doctor just to make sure everything's normal and they're growing in all the ways they should be.  
Don't tell their doctor how many years of this I've kind of skipped.  Oops.

In the last three weeks, I've taken all three girls and even our new puppy for their well checks.

I was handed some forms to fill out with lots of questions about the girls' development, health history, and a chance to express any concerns I had for the doctor.  
Right off the bat I was met with a quandary.  
How honest should I really be?  
Look at this list!

I was supposed to circle any symptoms I was currently seeing in them or wanted to discuss with the doctor.
I'm sorry, but if these are actual symptoms, then every child in the entire universe is very sick.

Hearing loss?…