Vocab. for Supermoms

Vocabulary and I go way back. With a minor in literature and all the reading and writing assignments that came along with that, I have done my fair share of studying word meanings.
But as a supermom, I have found that all my college training is basically crap. My new professors are my three daughters, and some days they are lenient and patient as they teach me new definitions, sometimes they are slave drivers giggling with glee as their mother fails miserably to get their drift.
Below are a few of the terms I have learned as a supermom...

*back massage - when I lie down on the floor and let the girls take turns walking on
my back
*steam treatment - putting my face over a steaming pot of boiling potatoes during dinner prep
*willpower - saying no after allowing my children to eat just 4 popsicles...each
*adult conversation - there is no definition for this b/c it has yet to be discovered at my house
*gourmet meal - Tyson breaded popcorn chicken nuggets instead of the Costco brand
*torture - two words: WIGGLES MARATHON
*manicure - desitin moisturizing balm along with food coloring stains under my nails from dyeing playdough
*being interrupted - synonymous with breathing

There are more definitions my kids are trying to teach me every day. Too many to list here.


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