Dog Treats?!


I have never paid $2.99 more happily than I did this morning. I wouldn't paid twice that, three times that, actually.

My 4-yr-old has an ear infection, and that means we are giving her 2 tsp. of amoxicillin twice a day for the next TEN days. If you could see what the medicine-giving experience is like, you all would've brought me cash right then, knowing that I had exactly 18 more times to put myself and Lauren thru the nightmare of taking medicine.

For just $2.99, you can get your child's (or your) medicine flavored. Strawberry, bubble gum, grape, banana, whatever sounds good to you. This morning I found myself standing in line at Walgreens for the precious flavor magic after having suffered through three doses with Lauren without the benefit of it.

You would think I was forcing her to drink toxic substances (or my cooking) when it comes time for medicine. After coaxing, teasing, pleading, standing on my head, disciplining, bribing, crying, and dancing around, I finally persuade her to take the dose. Sweet victory. And then real fun begins after the medicine is finally consumed and she gags and threatens to throw up for the next half hour. In fact, I have orange carpet from the last time this happened upstairs (perhaps we should consider plastic lining for the entire upstairs floor).

Tonight I gave Lauren her strawberry flavored antibiotic. And shock of all shocks, she didn't want to take it because it "smelled bad". She did however, eventually take it, and after the gagging and covering her mouth was over, she looked at me and said, "hmm, that smelled bad but tasted pretty good." And I, covered with drips of strawberry medicine and sticky from forcing her lips open and pushing the escaping medicine back into her mouth, smile in a motherly way, loving and tender.

But I swear, the next time I go to the drug store and see stupid dogs in the drive-thru being awarded with doggie treats, I am going to start a revolt. How many dogs have ever tried to persuade a reluctant child to take medicine? How many dogs have cleaned up after a sick child and gotten sick themselves in the process? How many dogs have driven in the middle of the night to obtain medicine, and have you ever seen a DOG offer his credit card to the drugstore?

Where, for the love of heaven, is the jar that has treats for MOTHERS?!

Just a few thoughts from an antibiotic loving mama. Please excuse me while I go play the Rocky theme song to pump myself up for the morning's dose. Only nine days to go....


Suzy and Brian said…
We go through the same thing with ear infections and any other kind of medication. HK only weighs 30lbs (or slightly less) so I can't imagine someone bigger than that. Very funny post
Suzy and Brian said…
Seriously, you should find a Mommy blog for Huntsville and submit your stuff!
maren said…
I am following you by Google Reader! I enjoy your writing! Thanks for sharing (but share MORE!)

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