Kids and Politics

I'm starting to think that kids could truly, honestly take over the political scene. Let's think about this for a moment. Kids are naturally motivational speakers, full of charisma and charm, able to persuade large crowds of people to do what they want. They get results, though sometimes we as the public turn a blind eye to their methods. Trust me, you'd rather not know the types of coercion they have at their disposal.

If one child figures this out, we're done for. They will be united and rise up to take over the world in less time than it takes to warm up a pop-tart (which is 13 seconds, I know).

Don't believe me? I have two words for you: SILLY BANDS.

For those of you not familiar with the term, let me enlighten you. These colorful little bands have transformed the lives of children (and parents) everywhere. Kids are picking up their toys, eating all their vegetables, and even going to bed on time without complaint all for the promise of these magic pieces of political power. I say it in awe and reverence....the SILLY BAND.

We will not mention at this point how the creator of the silly band is sitting at home still laughing in disbelief that parents are actually paying up to $7 for a pack of, well, rubber bands. People everywhere are still kicking themselves for not thinking this one up.

Anyway, every day my kindergartener and 4-year-old rush home to tell me of their winnings and trading escapades. I picture a scene similar to Wall Street. One must use the power of trading bands carefully and thoughtfully. Holding the current coveted band in your possession is a powerful thing not to be treated lightly. I can clearly see what would happen if one smart kid figures out the power he holds over other children when he is the owner of a rare band. We're talking PR people, secret service, even a Camp David set up on the playground, exclusively for the use of the kid in power.
Fortunately, no child has yet to tap into the pure power represented in the silly band phenomenon. But just you wait, when your kid bursts through your front door
with 19 candy bars, 3 DS systems, an iPOD, and a new bike, you will notice one thing missing: her soul. She has stepped into the world of politics and will stop at nothing. Silly bands = POWER. Dictators have gotten started with less influence than the kid on the corner holding the latest model of the silly band.

Do I overestimate their understanding and underestimate their innocence? If you think so for even a second, you are not a parent


Calluna said…
Wow, you heat up poptarts? Those kids of stay at home moms are so spoiled. I suppose you cook hotdogs too. (The package pre-cooked, ready to eat.) (Sarcastic, of course.)

I know what you mean about Silly Bandz (I think it's with a z). My 6yo first grader son actually convinced me to buy the princess pack for him so he could entice the girls to trade.
Suzy and Brian said…
SO funny! It reminds me of slap bracelets, popples, and those extremely ugly trolls. Crazy how really dumb stuff gets so popular. There was a movie that came out in 2001 called "Josie and the Pussycats." I thought the movie was dumb at first but then the underlying plot has really stuck with me ever since. It refers to our brainwashing done by the owners and masters of the pop scene in this country. Stuff like Silly Bands and bad singers who make it big like Ja Rule really make me believe there MUST be some kind brainwashing happening! Must be the cause of cancer--it's ALL a conspiracy, I tell ya! The whole lot of it!
Devin and April said…
haha haven't heard of those. But your daughters are adorable... and lookin stylish with them.. haha

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