The Parade at Publix

Earlier this week I accompanied my daughter and her fellow kindergarten classmates to their much anticipated and talked about field trip.

No, we didn't go to the nearby bug museum.

It wasn't the at Space and Rocket Center down the street.

We didn't go see a play at the civic center downtown.

Not even the Botanical Gardens to learn about nature and such.

Nope. We went to Publix.

Yes, the grocery store. You've heard of it.

I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical at first. I mean, it's a grocery store. I go there only when you can hear the wind whipping through the empty pantry or the fridge echoes like a cave when you drop a penny on the glass shelf because it's otherwise empty.

But okay, here we go to Publix to see what we can see.

Boy, was I ever wrong. That place is fantastic! The kids were totally mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the behind the scenes world of the grocery store.

I learned a few things, too, not the least of which being do NOT shop in the produce section within a couple days of a kindergarten field trip. Little hands were reaching out and touching every fruit and vegetable in sight. Little hands that were likely not so clean.

I really cannot even begin to tell you what this is. It doesn't look even remotely appealing, does it?

Next, I learned that grocery store people can have a lot of fun with their job when they want to. For instance, we got to stand in the giant fridge where they stock the milk and eggs and such, and when someone came by to get some milk, the whole class mooed at the unsuspecting bloke. It was pretty funny.

We toured the humongous freezer in the back with the heavy, metal doors with scary looking locks. The kids shivered with delight and I couldn't help but think how handy it might be to have one of these around sometimes.

Do you want to spend one minute in the box? It could help you cool that little temper tantrum off.

Okay, no. Probably a bad idea. But still, likely to be effective. Also kind of child abuse, so moving on....

We watched a big machine crush boxes. This was actually a very sad moment for the children.

You're crushing the greatest toys on the earth! Why, man?! Why would you crush our favorite toys? You've gotta love the box!

If you've ever seen a kid happier than a clam while playing with a plain old box, you know what I mean.

But the crowning moment, the pinnacle of the day, was when we moved to the seafood area.

Each time I bring my girls grocery shopping, we HAVE to come visit the lobsters. It's a little like coming to say farewell to someone on death row. You'd think it might make them a little sad, knowing the fate of the lobsters is at hand, but no, they are delighted by those sad looking crustaceans.

The Publix lady picked one up and the kids actually got to touch it. Pretty much cementing my attitude that I could never cook one of those nasty things.

But the nastiest by far, the creepiest of the day, was the octopus.

I HATE these little guys! They're just disgusting, aren't they? Slimy and the suckers on their legs are just revolting.

The kids gathered around and one of them was even brave enough to hold the little fella.

Thankfully, my miss priss wasn't that kid. EEEEWWW!

So all in all, it wasn't a bad little field trip. And I haven't even told you the best part!

Here we are, your two favorite bloggers, together at last!

This is what happens when you ask a six-year-old to take your picture.

First, she takes pictures when you're not aware:

Then, she takes as many pictures as possible before you figure out what she's doing.

I have about eight pictures just like this.

Then, she takes one more pic before you can get the iPhone out of her hand.

This is my friend, Paula, who went to the same school as I did in elementary. She's a whole year older than me and boy, was she ever cool playing the bells in band class. She also intimidated me because she was friends with all the cool kids.

Little did I know that (a few, ahem) years later we would be blogging about our daily lives with children and sharing how weird and quirky we really are with the masses? Admittedly I am the weirder of the two. I really don't read any other blogs, but I love hers. Check it out.

And so, we exited the grocery store, loaded down with cookies, cheese, produce, coloring books, and even extra cake decorating toys from the bakery.

That was a cool field trip. Even the part where my child looked at the pharmacist the class was talking to and proudly stated that every time she takes medicine she throws up. Makes a mother proud.

Hey, we're nothing if not honest, right, Paula?


AKA Jane Random said…
Heck, yeah! Publix was seriously a great field trip! The fruit thing though - really, DO NOT shop for produce after a field trip. Those kids were molesting that poor fruit.

I loved how the kids thought the hair nets were the greatest things ever. I saw kids still wearing their hair nets when I picked them up at 3.
Mommy Mayhem said…
oh yes. Lauren arrived home from carpool still sporting that look. Forget the expensive bows they lose anyway, next time I'm buying a big box of hair nets.

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